About Us

Once you enter the first search query for surveillance apps, you are faced with a multitude of services. How to choose the one that will bring the desired results? To simplify this task, our team has created instaviewer.app. Here you will find complete reviews on spy apps. You will see comparative prices and product characteristics in general, as well as read reviews of those who have already encountered one or another innovative monitoring application. We think it will help you make the right choice before using the specific software.

Our Mission

Almost every member of instaviewer.app has children. And everyone would like to keep their hand on the pulse of their child’s safety. I have tested many monitoring applications. And as a result, this service appeared. A place where everyone can pick up a spy app regarding budget and goals. We try to collect the most up-to-date information for you that will be as truthful and useful as possible.

Our Team



Alex has been with InstaViewer for a long time. Initially, he came to the staff as an SEO specialist but later was promoted to post reviewer. In the past, he has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience working as a copywriter. Perhaps the mix of writing texts and SEO basics allows him to create reviews best. This is the most important part of our platform. Thanks to Alex, the site provides complete information about various tracking applications. So let’s see what exactly his job is:

  • Constant monitoring of what is new on the market in the spy apps niche. 
  • Searching for information in different forums, places where users can discuss all Instagram spy app kinds. 
  • Analyzing all the information and testing what seems questionable.
  • Process the material already collected and generate detailed reviews.
  • Read the finished material and send it for publication.

Please note that Alex does not simply copy existing reviews of private Instagram viewer apps. He’s creating a unique information product that hasn’t existed before. As a rule, our spy app reviews are popular with readers because they always contain only brief key information.



Meet with Agnes. A philologist by education and by state of mind, she feels the text subtly. She knows how to work with the word. Agnes writes articles for our blog. There are always the most interesting topics. Judging by the feedback, she is on the right track. Visit our blog and see for yourself.



Michael is in charge of technical support. This is a person who is always in touch and will help you with any question. Moreover, Michael is constantly looking for new solutions for our site. That usability was as comfortable as possible. He knows exactly what a website should look like.

There You Have It

In general, the team loves writing, and it makes a lot of sense. We want you to get the most useful information from our spy Instagram reviews. The main goal is to help you choose the proper application.