Some people nowadays claim that Insta is a dying network, and no one will be interested in it in a couple of years. However, statistics show a different picture. With the implementation of reels, Instagram got its second life, attracting even more people than usual. Consequently, people started searching for different ways to download Instagram reels, and developers did not lose their chance to provide their clients with them. In this review, we will take a look at the most popular Instagram downloader tools to help you with your choice.

What Is Insta Reels Downloader?

Instagram reels downloader is a third-party app that allows you to save videos from this social network to your device. Usually, the videos are downloaded in mp4 format; it may be available as an add-on for your browser or an independent app.

Why Use Instagram Reel Video Downloading Apps?

Instagram does not have the reels video download feature by default, so third-party apps are the only way to do that. In case you want to get a reel video on your device, you must find suitable software to download it.

How to Use Instagram Downloader Tools?

The usage instructions are pretty straightforward and similar for most Instagram reel video downloaders. The main difference is whether you wish to download and install the application or use the website.

To download reel videos from this social media, you must copy the video’s link and paste it to the app/website. Next, you just change the settings according to your wishes, and you are all done.

List of 10 Best Instagram Reel Downloaders

We would like to provide you with the most up-to-date information on popular applications to download Instagram videos. It should help you choose the one that meets all your requirements and expectations.

By Click Downloader – Best for Instagram Reel Downloader App

By Click Downloader main

By Click Downloader is a veteran of the industry, and despite its slightly outdated interface, it is still one of the best Instagram reel downloading apps. You are supposed to install it on your Windows-operated device.

There is a premium version of By Click Downloader, which costs $7.99 per year, but, in fact, it only removes ads and provides a broader choice of formats to choose from. Whatever version you use – you only need to paste the link in the app, choose where to save the reel, play with some other settings, and wait for the process to finish.


  • By Click video downloader works on more than 25 websites, including Instagram;
  • whenever you copy a link, it will automatically offer you to download the video, saving a lot of time manually opening the app, pasting the link, and so on.
  • if you only need the audio, you can convert the Instagram video to mp3 format with By Click downloader.

Inflact – IG Video Downloader

Inflact main

Inflact is widely known as an Instagram marketing tool and web-based bot, but its functionality is much wider. In its toolbox, among others, it has the Instagram video download function. It would be good to mention that Inflact is not an application; it is a website where you may paste the link for the Instagram reels videos and download them to your device.


  • there is no need to install Inflact; it operates via its official website;
  • Inflact has many other tools except for the reels downloader: chatbot, hashtag generator, analytics;
  • Inflact has a very convenient search tool that has a lot of filters to work with.

SaveInsta – Instagram Video Downloader for PC, Mac, Android, and iOS

Saveinsta main

The only two things SaveInsta needs to download Instagram reels are a browser and a good Internet connection. It can save Instagram reels, stories, images, and IGTV videos. SaveInsta is an open-source downloader, meaning that it is, first of all, free, and a whole community of users is working on its improvement.


  • SaveInsta guarantees a high download speed, which allows getting Instagram stories and reels in HD quality in seconds;
  • videos can be downloaded on smartphones and stationary computers, so you are not limited by the platform choice;
  • as it is an open-source platform, SaveInsta users can improve it as they wish, and they created a super simple and intuitive interface.

4K Stogram – IG Downloader for Windows, Mac, and Linux

4K Stogram main

4K Stogram is the best for Instagram reel downloader app that supports Windows, MAC, and Linux-operated devices. To save reels and other data to your computer, you need to install Stogram on it and log into your Instagram account via this app. Upon doing this, you are able to choose what you want to download.


  • there is a free version available for those who are not ready to pay for the premium;
  • 4K Stogram can download the whole packages of data from the chosen accounts, which saves a bunch of time;
  • 4K Stogram does not have a subscription! You pay $10 only once for 3 devices, and do not bother with the payment issues anymore! It is a rare thing in 2023.

SnapDownloader – Download Videos for Free for 48 Hours

Snapdownloader main

SnapDownloader is considered by many to be one of the best apps for downloading Instagram videos for its simple interface and high speed. It is available for PCs and MACs, and one of its unique features is the ability to download stories in UHD quality, which is a rare thing for Insta reels downloaders. Screen Recorder is one more cool bonus you get using SnapDownloader.


  • SnapDownloader has a convenient search feature that may even autosuggest the videos that might be interesting to you based on your previous activity;
  • you can set the time when you want the video or reel to be downloaded;
  • in case you need only a particular part of a video – trim it before starting the download.

VidJuice – Cross-Platform Video Downloader with Fast Speed in Up to 8K Resolution

vidjuice main

Apart from common Windows and MAC platforms in this area, VidJuice is also available for Android, which is a great plus. It is very convenient to use: copy the link, open VidJuice Instagram downloader on the list of social media – click download – profit. You may paste multiple links at a time if you want to download several videos.


  • supports video download from many social media, including Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok;
  • VidJuice can protect all the media you store on your PC with a password;
  • for only $29.95, you can purchase this app forever – forget about subscriptions for crazy money; you pay – you get what you pay for, without any “buts”.

YT Saver – Video Downloader & Converter for Mac and Windows

YTSaver main

Download Instagram videos with YT saver, an app that works with around 10 000 different websites. Honestly, it is the biggest list we have ever met among all the Instagram reels video downloaders. You need to install this downloader app on your machine (it is not available for mobile devices) and then use it as a browser to surf social media and download reels videos.


  • YT Saver reel downloader has a free version and different paid options for almost every taste;
  • the highest resolution YT Saver supports is 8K, so if you find a video of such quality you desire to download, the result you get with YT Saver will shock you in a good way;
  • it works with 20 video formats in terms of both downloading and converting.

VideoProc – Best for Instagram Reel Downloader App with Free Trial

VideoProc main

VideoProc is a video converter software that can also be used to download Instagram stories and reels. Moreover, it can also act as a screen recorder, which is a convenient feature for any app that deals with videos. After downloading a video, you are able to trim it, edit it as you need, and convert it to the desired format.


  • VideoProc is a reels video downloader and a powerful editing tool with dozens of features like rotation, cropping, merging, subtitling, screen recording, etc.;
  • It supports downloads from more than 1000 websites and social media, and Instagram reels videos are only the top of the mountain;
  • VideoProc has a powerful video converter that can work with the most popular audio and video formats.

Instaoffline – Instagram Downloader Tool for Photos

Instaoffline main

Instaoffline is the best Instagram reels downloader due to its simplicity. It is just a website with a single line to paste the link for the desired video and the download button. Therefore, it is the top choice if you only need to get the video and are not planning to add it in any way.


  • Instaoffline is available for home-based and mobile devices operating under Android or iOS systems;
  • there is no necessity to pay anything; download mp3 videos in 720 p absolutely for free;
  • Instaoffline reels downloader is also a post downloader, IGTV downloader, and photo downloader.

Snaptube – Save Instagram Reels (50+ Social Media Sites Supported)

Snaptube main

In this best Instagram reels downloader review, we may not forget about Snaptube – one more veteran of the industry, created in 2014. It is an app you should install on your device (do not download it from Play Market or AppStore, as the original app is unavailable there). Once done, you may not only download reels with it but also use it as a full-scale search engine.


  • the simplest download procedure possible – while watching the video, you will see the download icon, which you have to tap;
  • Snaptube is completely free and does not require any investments from your side;
  • it supports dozens of formats and resolutions for every possible life situation you might have.

The Best Instagram Reel Downloader: Final Verdict

There are a lot of reels video download applications available on the market. Some are designed specifically for this task, while others are video converters with Instagram downloader as only one of their features. Some are free; others have subscription plans or one payment for lifetime access.

We are not the right people to decide which of the applications we overviewed here is the best Instagram reels downloader, as the only person with such competencies is you. Therefore, we can only provide you with all the information you need to make your choice.

The Best Instagram Reel Downloader: FAQ

What is the best Instagram reel downloader service?

We cannot choose the best Instagram video downloader for you as we do not know exactly what you need. All the apps we mentioned here are good and have different features. Now you should make a choice yourself, based on your needs.

How to download Instagram reels?

To download Instagram reel, you need to get the link and paste it into the downloader. Also, some downloaders can be installed on your device; in this case, access the Instagram page you need via such an application.

Do I need to log in to download Instagram reels?

You should log in to your account to download Insta reels if you use an application for this. However, if you want to do it via a website – there is no necessity to log into your account; just copy the link.

Can I download reels videos from any user?

Even the best Instagram video downloader is not omnipotent. Usually, private accounts are not available for reel downloading. However, it is possible if you follow the personal account and they follow you back.

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