Instagram is extremely popular nowadays. People spend hours watching videos, liking photos or reels, and sharing shorts with family and friends. We may have hundreds or thousands of people we follow every day. Sometimes, however, we might want to check on someone secretly without them noticing. Many of us would like to watch someone’s stories without being revealed. Luckily, there is a solution. We want to tell you about the 11 best Instagram story viewers everyone may use with ease.

What Is an Instagram Story Viewer App?

IG story viewer is an exceptional tool that helps users to view someone’s stories on Instagram discretely. It’s not a secret that sometimes we may want to see the stories of our colleagues, ex-partners, or bosses anonymously. We don’t want our names to appear on the list of people who watched a story. So, the typical usage of Instagram may not be an option sometimes.

The Instagram story viewer is an application or a website where you can input the username of those whose stories you want to watch. These apps and websites are efficient tools for viewing stories anonymously.

How Do Instagram Stories Viewers Work?

You may expect an Instagram story viewer tool to be complicated. However, once you try any of them, you will see they work like a dream. Moreover, all of them are similar in features and functionalities.

A story on Instagram is available for everyone for 24 hours only. But what if you want to remain anonymous or watch it after 24 hours have passed? Here is the list of things you should do.

The First Step – Choose the Most Suitable Instagram Story Viewer Tool

Among various IG viewers, make sure to get familiar with their features and differences. Some of them are applications, while others are websites. Many are free, but you may still need to choose a pricing plan for others. It is better to know the differences between viewing tools. We will do our best to clear them up for you.

The Second Step – Choose a Person/Business Account to Check in IG Story Viewer

The next step is as simple as the first one. Once you choose your best Instagram story viewer, it’s time to start viewing. It can be anyone. The important thing here is to know their correct Instagram usernames. The tool will show you dozens of people with similar usernames, so ensure you know 100% who you are looking for.

The Third Step – Become an Anonymous Story Viewer

After you pick up your top Instagram story viewer and decide on who you want to have a look at, there is only one thing left: enjoy the opportunities of the viewing tool. Noticeably, the tool allows you to view the entire targeted Instagram page, not only the stories. 


Glassagram may be the best choice if you are looking for an Instagram story viewer. With Glassagram, you can monitor multiple accounts, retrieve profile information, view Instagram stories anonymously, track when a user uploads a video, and more. However, to take full advantage of Glassagram, you must choose a subscription plan. The subscription will unlock all the features offered by Glassagram.

Glassagram main


  • Operates online on any OS (does not require installation);
  • Tracks private and public accounts;
  • Shows photos, stories, likes, reels, comments, and location tags of the targeted account (as if you were the follower);
  • Allows one to watch the stories for an unlimited time;
  • Allows staying anonymous;
  • Gives access to hot likes (when someone likes old photos of your target).


mSpy is a mobile phone tracking app that works on smartphones and tablets. Once installed on a device, it helps you track calls, text messages, and almost every activity performed on that device, including social media. As mSpy is a professional social media tracker, it allows the monitoring of direct messages on Instagram.

mSpy Instagram


  • Get access to chats from messenger apps;
  • See activity on social apps, such as Instagram, Facebook, and others;
  • View and save multimedia files;
  • Track location using GPS;
  • Secretly record surrounding sounds and activate the camera remotely;
  • View all details of outgoing and ingoing calls.


Inflact is the latest generation Instagram bot that has proven to be a powerful and trustworthy tool for Instagram promotion. It allows you to develop and promote the profile and automate individual activities. However, it is a multifunctional marketing toolkit offering plenty of features. One of the services it offers is to view Instagram stories anonymously. Let’s see what this Instagram story viewer can offer.

inflact instagram stories viewer


  • It gives access to public profiles without the need to have an account;
  • View archived stories with no limits;
  • No need to install third-party apps; 
  • It has compatibility with all devices: phones, tablets, computers, etc.
  • Auto-save stories updates feature; 
  • It can’t view private accounts.


eyeZy is among the top Instagram story viewers as well. Its interface and features are advanced and easy to use, giving you total control over the targeted mobile phone wherever you go. With the eyeZy app, get access to the targeted Instagram account’s photos, videos, and other data.

eyezy instagram viewer


  • Monitor their chats on Instagram, including secret messages;
  • See the photos they send or receive on Instagram;
  • The location finder is available;
  • Access to text messages from common social media platforms such as Facebook, Whatsapp, or Snapchat;
  • Keylogger feature is there to guarantee an excellent monitoring experience.


SpyBubble is on the list of the best story viewers for Instagram. Its customers use it to monitor all devices, including Android and iOS ones. So, why is this phone monitoring app is in our list? The answer is simple as that! SpyBubble offers all the necessary monitoring features anyone may dream of having in a reliable and affordable tracking app.

spybubblepro main


  • Check the browsing history (all visited websites and pages);
  • You may also remotely open all saved photos of the tracked device;
  • Full access to Instagram and Facebook on iOS without jailbreak required (in contrast to many competitors); 
  • GPS location tracker;
  • Social media tracking, including access to text messages and shared media on Instagram.

4K Stogram

4K Stogram may become your favorite Instagram story viewer tool thanks to its simplicity and features. With 4K Stogram, one may easily browse and download photos from Instagram by location and hashtags. It works as an Instagram viewer and downloader with which you can download Instagram stories, photos, videos from your favorite accounts, and much more!

4K Stogram main


  • Browse and download photos, videos, and stories from the targeted Instagram accounts;
  • The basic version of the viewer app is free;
  • It allows downloading photos and videos from private accounts, but you will need to log into your account and verify that you follow the account you wish to access.


InstaDP is a free tool that allows Instagram users to download profile pictures and stories in the highest possible resolution. It is an easy-to-use, intuitive platform that helps users maximize their presence on the social media platform and can be especially helpful for businesses looking to make a brand on Instagram.

instadp story viewer


  • It can download Instagram content, including stories in a high-quality resolution; 
  • Viewing Instagram stories and posts anonymously;
  • Compatibility with every popular web browser and operating system;
  • No need to create an Instagram account to use the Instagram story viewer;
  • Watch Instagram stories and download them free of charge.


Dumpor is an anonymous Instagram story viewer one can use anytime and anywhere to view profiles for free. Thanks to its features, you will see the posts and stories of whoever you want unless the account is private. Dumpor allows you to use Instagram without having to log in.

dumpor main


  • It allows you to view stories, photos, videos, reels, and posts anonymously;
  • Download Instagram content to your device;
  • Watch Instagram stories without having an account;
  • You will remain 100% hidden;
  • The platform is free for all users; no need to register on the platform.


StoriesDown will catch your attention among all previously mentioned Instagram story viewers. It can satisfy the requirements of even the most demanding user. It allows browsing the content of profiles and downloading IG stories to a computer or phone with iOS or Android software.

storiesdown main


  • View highlights, stories, and other Instagram content without being logged in or detected;
  • Download Instagram content in a high-resolution format;
  • All platform users can use it free of charge. Just go to the official website of the platform and enter the targeted nickname in a search bar. 

Qoob Stories

Qoob Stories is another outstanding Instagram story viewer. It is a powerful viewing and downloading tool for almost all the content available on Instagram. The unique thing about Qoob Stories is its ability to view and download content from public accounts. Sounds impressive, doesn’t it?

qoob stories viewer


  • Viewing stories from public and private accounts;
  • Downloading photos, videos, highlights, and stories in high quality on IG and TikTok;
  • Easy setup: you just need to install the app and log in to your Instagram account (you should do it if you want to view private Instagram accounts secretly);
  • Browsing Instagram with no ads.


Last but not least, WatchInsta is among the most used Instagram story viewers. And it’s not surprising as it offers to view private Instagram profiles. It may be quite a demanding task. However, there is nothing impossible for WatchInsta. The official website of this viewing tool may not be as user-friendly as the previous ones. Give it a try anyway!

watchinsta viewer


  • View photos from private accounts;
  • Downloading videos or images is possible in zip format;
  • View content from almost any Instagram account without logging in;
  • Get automated notifications for new updates.

What Benefits Do I Get Using Instagram Story Viewers?

Everyone may benefit from using Instagram story viewers differently. If you are a brand owner, using IG story viewers may be a way to learn more about the competitors. The main benefit of using such viewing tools is that they give the potential to develop your brand. Check what content others post in their stories and how they interact with the target audience. Of course, you may use these magic viewing tools for personal reasons.

What to Consider in an Instagram Story Viewing Tool?

The first thing to consider: what is my purpose for using an Instagram viewing tool? Whether you want to view stories and other content for fun, or business purposes, ensure choosing the most appropriate viewer. 

Pay attention to the list of features the viewing tool offers, its price, reliability, simplicity, and legitimacy. 

Instagram Story Viewers Review: Key Takeaways

We hope you find this article helpful in deciding which anonymous Instagram story viewer to choose. All of the tools may seem similar in functionality. However, there are some differences. We highly recommend getting familiar with all 11 IG story viewers to make the best choice possible. 

Instagram Story Viewer FAQ

The best anonymous Instagram story viewer is Glassagram because it is a multifunctional and reliable platform. It is not free, but it is worth all the money spent.

Most of these viewing platforms are online, so you should type the targeted nickname in the search bar before viewing Instagram stories anonymously and proceed with the steps.

Yes, they do. People may secretly watch or download stories and other Instagram content using anonymous IG viewers.

Yes, the viewer apps mentioned in this article are safe and easy to use.


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