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The availability of a screenshot feature on digital devices is a real lifesaver, as this handy tool can capture trending articles and some useful visual content for free or serve as proof, replacing the need for other confirmation. Usually, you make use of it as you please, and the information remains on your gadget for as long as you wish. But the Instagram screenshot policy has some peculiarities you should be aware of if you are interested in stealth monitoring and don’t want them to see your screenshot notifications.

When Does Instagram Notify About a Screenshot?

So what happens when you decide to take that snapshot using Instagram? Let’s not beat around the bush: it all depends on the page you find yourself on when performing the Instagram screenshot.

As of now, the only way you can leave a person knowing about your activities is on Instagram DMs, to be more precise – by taking screenshots in your chat in vanish mode. To check if this mode is already active, you can do the following:

  1. Click on the message icon.
  2. Open a chat with the person you are interested in.
  3. At the bottom, check for the Swipe Up to Enable Vanish Mode option. After enabling it, the chat screen will turn dark, and you’ll receive and send notifications about in-chat screenshots/recordings.
  4. If the mode is already active, just swipe up again to turn off vanish mode.

Luckily, Instagram does not notify users about screenshots of direct messages if vanish mode is not enabled. However, keep in mind that the person will receive Instagram screenshot notifications of the screen record in case of vanish mode.

Does Instagram Notify When You Take a Screenshot of a Story?

Since 2018, the platform has canceled its screenshot notification rule for stories after testing this feature a bit. Now the user can choose from which users to hide their Instagram stories or which of their friends (the people they mutually follow) they will be available to. So you are free to take a screenshot or start screen recording of stories until they are available.

How to Avoid Being Detected While Taking an Instagram Screenshot?

The rules for using social media change from time to time, so do not be too lazy to check if there are any updates regarding the Instagram notification system when you need to screenshot Instagram posts or record someone’s content on Instagram without their knowledge.

At the time of writing, Instagram’s privacy policy allows taking screenshots and screen recordings from stories, reels, or posts without any notification to the target user. However, do not forget that they will know who exactly saw their stories anyway, while reels’ views are displayed only as the number of viewers.

For the current situation, below are the ways to capture any Instagram story without catching the eye of the Instagram account owner.

Use a Web Browser to Screenshot the Content

If you log in to your profile through a web browser instead of the Instagram app, the restrictions of the app will not affect you. If you’re not sure whether it’ll work out, you can try it with stories with a close friend and see the result.

Turn on Airplane Mode on Your Gadget

The airplane mode can help you bypass the Instagram watchdog by taking a screenshot while offline. To do this, open the story of the person you are interested in, and when it loads, turn on airplane mode and take a story screenshot or screen recording.

Make a Photo or Video with Another Device

If you are not interested in keeping the original look and quality of stories, you can take Instagram screenshots with another smartphone, for instance, and not notify people who own this account about it, thus securing yourself from any risks.


Does Instagram notify when you screenshot a story or post?

No, it doesn’t. Any user with an Instagram account who has access to the wanted account and is not restricted by the owner is able to screenshot Instagram posts.

Will Instagram notify the account owner if you screenshot DMs?

It depends. An Instagram user can anonymously make use of the screenshot feature if the vanish mode is not activated. In case people are chatting in a vanish mode, each of them will receive an Instagram screenshot notification should the other person make a screen photo or video of their conversation.

Does the IG account owner know if I view their profile?

No, currently, Instagram doesn’t offer such an option. One can see your Instagram posts without you knowing – however, you may see who checked out your stories, with them being able to screenshot Instagram stories using some of the tips and tricks.

How to prevent others from taking screenshots of your content on Instagram?

The only way you can stop someone from seeing the Instagram post you posted or taking your story screenshots is by switching to a private account. This way, only your approved followers will be able to engage with your content. If the unwanted user keeps sending one Instagram DM after another, you can either restrict direct message notifications or block the user.

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