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The market for surveillance applications today is quite extensive. eyeZy belongs to one of the most technologically advanced services. We deal with an application that allows users to remotely monitor various activities on a target device, such as calls, text messages, social media accounts, location, and more. It is marketed as a tool for parents to monitor their children’s online activities and for employers to monitor their employees’ device usage.

To use eyeZy, the user needs to download and install the app on the device that needs to be tracked. Once installed, it runs in the background and sends data to the user’s online account, which can be accessed from any device with an internet connection. It works on both Android and iOS devices.

This eyeZy review is aimed at giving a full understanding of how competitive this service is. You’ll get detailed information on whether to use Instagram viewer apps for tracking at all and what result you can get with this one. Perhaps such information will influence your choice in the future. eyeZy review invites you to familiarize yourself with all the nuances necessary before making a purchase of this program.

What Is Good About eyeZy?

eyeZy stands out for its convenience, as it doesn’t demand the target device to be rooted or jailbroken. This feature makes it a perfect tool to spy on social media activities, accessing keystrokes, contacts, messages, media files, and even the GPS location of your kids, elderly parents, employees, or a potentially unfaithful partner.

What Is Not Good About eyeZy?

Although the eyeZy app has a video recording feature, it lacks an audio recording for phone calls. So, if you want to listen to someone’s cell phone conversation, this app won’t help.

eyeZy Overview

eyeZy app tracks down your loved one’s web history, online connections, messages, and call logs and creates internet safety for your children. It is possible to eliminate social media dangers by snooping into your kid’s Instagram or Facebook accounts and reading their private messages without being caught. For more features of the spy app, read our extensive eyeZy review. But first, let’s have a sneak peek at the app details: 

Compatibility Android, iPhone
Free TrialNo
Rooting or Jailbreaking NecessaryNo
Money Back Guarantee14-Day Money Back Guarantee
Price1-Month Plan: $47.99/mo3-Month Plan: $27.99/moAnnual Plan: $10.62/mo
Best Features100% Stealth mode, calls and messages tracking, screen recorder, social media monitoring, GPS tracking, app blocking, 7/24 live customer support

Pros and Cons of eyeZy

eyeZy Pros

– Compatibility. Monitoring a wide range of mobile devices.
– No rooting is required. It makes it easier to install.
– Real-time alerts. Stay informed about the target device’s activities as they happen.
– Stealth mode. Runs in the background.

eyeZy Cons

– Technical issues based on eyeZy reviews. Can result in the loss of data.
– Limited features. Limitations to what you can see and access depending on the device and operating system.
– eyeZy cost. Expensive to purchase. Doesn’t offer a free trial.

The Pricing System

The cost depends on the specific subscription plan and features that you choose. In our eyeZy review, we gathered the info about 3 subscription plans:

  • 1 month: costs $47.99 per month. Suitable if you are planning short-term tracking.
  • 3-month plan costs $27.99 per month. The most popular subscription plan among eyeZy users.
  • 1-year plan: costs $9.99 per month. Understandably, it offsets the most convenient way of budget allocation.

Note that surveillance stands for its reliability through the 14-day guarantee. In case of some technical issues, you may connect customer support, and the service will return money if something goes wrong with the app’s usage.

eyeZy also offers discounted rates for longer subscription periods, such as quarterly or annual plans. Additionally, there may be additional fees for certain features or add-ons.

Pay attention to the fact that the price is only for a single license. To monitor multiple gadgets, one needs to buy a subscription for each device. There is no eyeZy free trial.

The Number of Devices Can Be Tracked with eyeZy

eyeZy supports tracking only one device per subscription plan. If you want to monitor multiple devices, you would need to purchase a separate subscription plan for each device. However, eyeZy does offer some discounts for users who purchase multiple subscription plans at the same time. So, choose the desired plan and how many gadgets you need to track and start receiving reports in your account.

Which Devices Does eyeZy Support?

The undetectable and effective spyware tracks Android and iOS devices via mobile phones and computers. Users can download and install eyeZy from Google Play market and Apple Store and navigate through their dashboard on Windows and Max OSX easily. Let us continue and find out the details of eyeZy compatibility.

Android Phones 

eyeZy spyware supports Android 4.0 and above and does not necessitate rooting. However, a rooted Android phone will benefit from more monitoring features. One-time physical access is required for the first-time installation, and a stable internet connection is needed for phone tracking. Here are the set-up steps for different eyeZy versions:

eyeZy Android Mobile App 

  • Visit Play Market and download eyeZy on your device and the target phone 
  • Choose your subscription plan
  • Install eyeZy on your device and link your kid’s phone 
  • Start remote monitoring of offline and online activities

eyeZy Rooted

  • Create an eyeZy account and choose your subscription pack
  • Install .apk on your kid’s phone
  • Follow the instructions in the set-up manual and grant all necessary permissions
  • Sign in to your user account and start tracking

iOS Devices 

Phone monitoring features on eyeZy are available for iOS 7.0 and above and work well for both jailbroken and non-jailbroken iPhones. Different installation options are offered for users, and remote tracking without physical access is enabled with iCloud sync. Here are the setup details:

eyeZy iOS Mobile App 

  • Visit Apple Store and download eyeZy on both devices 
  • Create an account and pick up your plan
  • Install eyeZy on your device and link the target cell phone 
  • Start spying on your child’s phone and internet usage

eyeZy Jailbroken

  • Create an eyeZy account and complete the payment
  • Download the installation file on the target device
  • Proceed with manual set-up, give permissions, and complete the settings
  • Go to the eyeZy tracker dashboard and start monitoring

eyeZy iCloud Sync (Without Physical Access)

  • Log in to your eyeZy account
  • Enter the iCloud credentials of your child
  • Track calls, messages, media files, online activities, etc. remotely

PC & Mac 

eyeZy users can connect their control panel via their Mac or PC, and spy on their children’s phones through Wi-Fi synchronization. After one-time physical access to the target device, all phone activities can be tracked whenever the phone is connected to the same Wi-Fi. Below are the installation steps:

eyeZy Wi-Fi Sync

  • Install the app on your PC or Mac
  • Use a USB cable and connect your child’s phone 
  • Remotely monitor their offline and online activities through the same Wi-Fi connection

eyeZy Features

The service we are talking about has proven itself to be created under a well-developed technology. There are many features that easily allow you to track the actions of any person from anywhere in the world. Our eyeZy app review would be incomplete without outlining its functionality. So, what can you use after subscribing?

eyeZy User’s Dashboard

The dashboard is the central hub where users can view all the data collected. Here are some of the key features from the eyeZy spy app dashboard:

  • Device data: Detailed information, including the device model, operating system, and storage capacity.
  • Activity logs: All the data collected, including call logs, text messages, social media activity, and GPS location data.
  • Alerts and notifications: Alerts and notifications to users when certain activities occur, such as when a specific contact is called or a particular keyword is typed.
  • Live control app panel: view the device’s screen in real-time and control the device remotely.
  • Customization: Customize the settings according to their preferences (setting up alerts and notifications or enabling features).

Information About All Files, SMS, Calls & Contacts – Best Point from the eyeZy Features

Based on feedback from regular users and our research for this eyeZy review, the features described below are quite necessary:

  • Files finder. Perhaps the basic feature of this application is direct access to many files on the desired device. Just imagine that you can view everything that a person has on their phone completely anonymously, from photos and videos to files and documents. The person could have sent the photo to the shopping cart a long time ago and even cleaned it, but it will not prevent the eyeZy user from seeing this image.
  • SMS. Moreover, with surveillance, you receive monitoring reports from SMS. And these are all incoming and outgoing text messages. Browse even those long deleted or hidden by the owner of the gadget. The tracking application system works perfectly with any mobile operator, so it catches any message that comes to the gadget. Get fresh alerts every few minutes. This allows you not to miss a single important detail.
  • Calls and contacts. Another very cool feature of this service is access to the contact book and calls. You can not only browse here but also influence your settings. You may have noticed some activity coming from a particular contact with your minor child. This ability of the application will prevent all risks associated with such activity in time. You can delete any contact, rename it or block unnecessary calls. See who communicates most with the person you want.

Pinpoint – Find Someone’s Whereabouts

You know that “pinpoint” means to locate or identify something precisely or accurately. “Pinpoint location” refers to a very specific or precise location tracking, often identified using advanced technology or careful measurements. This term is often used in contexts such as navigation, mapping, or surveying—accuracy and precision of the location identification – the main aim.

That’s what you’ll be able to use to track a person’s exact location in real time. No matter how far away the target is located from you – remotely receive monitoring reports in your account. By the way, this option will show you even remote places to visit.

The pinpoint feature enables you to locate a person without them knowing. If their GPS is turned “On”, then the GPS locations will be shared with you on your dashboard. It shares with you all the places the target person has been on the list as well as the map view.

However, if the GPS is turned “Off”, then find out where the person has been with the help of the WiFi location. Yes, this application can share the location of all the WiFi networks to which the target phone analyzer was connected. eyeZy app review researchers claim that this feature demands some improvements, though.

What Are eyeZy Magic Alerts?

According to eyeZy review info gathered, this feature has two key roles: geofencing and keyword monitoring. The geofencing option provides you with alerts whenever the target cell phone enters or leaves a specific location marked by you. In comparison, the keyword tracking feature notifies you whenever the target person types a specific word that you have set for tracking.

You just need to add the keywords to it that you need to be alerted about. If you enable the email alert, then you will also get an email whenever the target person types that word on any of the apps installed on their device.

Keylogger Feature to Catch Any Word Typed

A keylogger is created to record every keystroke capture made on a device, including passwords, credit card numbers, and other sensitive information. With this eyeZy feature, you may check any moment the person types something on their device. All social media chats, messengers, and passwords inserted while logging into some apps.

Сollect sensitive information remotely without a person’s knowledge or permission remotely. It will help to keep a finger on the pulse of kids’ cyber activity or even catch a cheating partner. In general, this is one of the most important features of this service.

Screen Recorder to Get the Full Activity Picture

Service is reasonably well thought out and has foreseen the moment when the keylogger, for example, did not catch something. For this, there is a function called screen recorder. How can such an option be useful? The system takes a screenshot every couple of minutes. Of course, this gives a completely complete picture of what is happening on the targeted device. For example, you will see what exactly the person is doing at the moment of making a screenshot or recording screen. You can even trace the entire correspondence, as the recording is done regularly. So you do not miss important information.

Social Spotlight – Get the Data from Media and Messengers

What is eyeZy Social Spotlight? It is a mega-extensive access to all social media, emails, and messengers. This is a way to learn more about the person you need. The convenient thing is that the application perfectly obtains information from almost all applications for communication, which are now actively used. Here is a list of what the software interacts with when it comes to this feature:

  • WhatsApp
  • Instagram Direct
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Snapchat
  • Telegram
  • Viber
  • Tinder
  • Line
  • Skype
  • Kik
  • Hangouts, etc.

Social Spotlight easily gets the right access to correspondence from messengers and just emails. For example, the important thing is that even if the Instagram profile of a person is restricted, you can still see what is stored in direct messages. This applies to any other social network or messenger.

The system will send you reports every couple of minutes in the user’s account. All processes occur anonymously and remotely. A person wouldn’t even suspect you were reading their correspondence.

Perhaps an easier way to make sure your child’s online safety or face what your partner cheats on you does not exist. Any texting will be shown via your dashboard.

Web Magnifier – Full Access to the Target Browser Usage

The Web Magnifier feature in eyeZy can be a useful tool for individuals who require assistance with viewing web content.

In this section, we are going to speak about the way to monitor the browsing activities of your kids or partner. Even all the cyber actions of your employees can be tracked. It will result in an understanding that the working days go without interruptions. See the browser history regardless of how long ago the website was visited and obtain the data about deleted digital places.

Browsed URLs via the incognito tab of the Chrome browser, for instance. The Web Magnifier enables showing incognito search history as well, along with the time of the visit and the frequency of the visit, i.e., how many times the same page was browsed by the target person.

Connection Blocker – Impact the Settings Remotely

This option will make it possible to influence the settings associated with the connection:

  • Block website
  • Block WiFi
  • Block apps

Blocking whatever websites you want is necessary in two cases: when you go to protect your child from viewing inappropriate content and when you need to prevent employees from using extra resources during the working day. Easily track which website the child most often uses with eyeZy, and if you think such content is inappropriate, block this resource. Do the same with employees to work more efficiently without distractions. You will need to enter a link to the desired web resource and block it.

Influences on WiFi settings on the needed device are also often used in the context of parental control app software. When you need to limit your child’s time online, this spyware feature will be useful. Just remotely change the position of the runner to “Off” in the ‘WiFi” section of the gadget settings.

Application blocking is similar to website blocking. But here, you may even ban the installation of any application on the device. To do this, search in the configuration of the desired application and just remotely make it unavailable to use. Click on the Block button, and the person will not be able to use it. You know that after all these actions, the person tearing the blocked control apps will see just a black screen.

The Strong Point of Customer Support There

eyeZy provides customer support to its users to help them with any questions, issues, or concerns they may have while using the tool. Here’s eyeZy  review of customer support:

  • Knowledge base: It has a comprehensive knowledge base on its website that provides users with information about features, installation processes, troubleshooting tips, and frequently asked questions.
  • Email support: eyeZy work provides email support to its users, and users can submit their queries or concerns via email to the eyeZy customer service team.
  • Live chat support: It also provides live chat support to its users.
  • Phone support: The service has a phone support option available for users who need immediate assistance.

Overall, eyeZy customer support seems to be responsive and helpful in addressing users’ questions and concerns.


Use this parental control apps representative to monitor your kid’s social media activity. eyeZy offers social media monitoring features that allow you to track the activities on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and more. With eyeZy, view your child’s social media conversations, including the content of their messages, photos, videos, and audio recordings. You can also see the profiles of the people your child is interacting with and track their friend requests and follower count.

eyeZy runs invisible, which means it is designed to be undetectable by the phone owner. However, if your child is familiar with their device and the apps installed on it, they may notice some unusual behavior, such as a decrease in battery life or data usage or the appearance of unfamiliar apps or processes in the device’s settings. To reduce the chances of detection, it’s essential to install eyeZy discreetly and follow the installation instructions provided.

eyeZy spy app is designed to be safe and secure to use. It uses advanced encryption technology to ensure the data transmitted between the target device and the user’s account is secure and protected from unauthorized access. Additionally, eyeZy does not store any data on its servers, ensuring the user’s data and privacy are protected. It’s crucial to use spy apps like eyeZy in legal and ethical ways, with the target’s knowledge and consent.

eyeZy is legitimate software designed for monitoring app aims and tracking activities on a tracked device. It is marketed for legal and ethical use, such as monitoring children’s devices or tracking employee productivity on company-owned devices. However, it’s important to note that the legality of using a spy app like eyeZy varies by jurisdiction, and it’s essential to consult local laws and regulations before using the tool.

No, surveillance does not require root permission to monitor the device. eyeZy is designed to work on both rooted and non-rooted Android devices, and it can be installed and used without requiring any special permissions.

Rooting a device can provide access to additional features and functionality, but it can also pose security risks and void the device’s warranty. It is designed to work without rooting involved, ensuring the monitoring process is safe and secure.

Yes, of course, this is a good reason to track cheating spouse activity. You will easily get all the necessary data in the dashboard. Moreover, nothing will go unnoticed. Just browse through your social media accounts as if you own them. Read all correspondence and track location of your significant other. You can find out if your partner uses apps for dating and log everything typed with a keylogger function, for example.

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