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A private Instagram account means that you must follow the person and have the person accept your follow request to see what they post. However, sometimes you may need to see someone’s activities without them knowing. Perhaps you want to make sure your child is okay or catch a cheating spouse in the act. Is there a way for you to get past Instagram’s private barrier? There is, and private Instagram viewers can be the way to do so.

10 Private Instagram Viewer Apps That Will Let You View a Private Account

You may wonder how to view private Instagram accounts. One of the best ways is through a spy app. When installed on the target’s phone, these apps run in the background discreetly and send you updates on the target’s activity. As such, view their private Instagram profile and their activities. Let’s look at 10 apps that work well for that.

1. Glassagram. The Answer to How to View Private Instagram Accounts With No Installation

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If you want to view private Instagram profiles, you often have to install spy apps on the target’s phone. But what if you don’t have access to their phone? One solution you can take is Glassagram. This website does not require any installation on your end to start using this service.

All you need is to visit the website, choose your subscription plan, and enter the username of the person you wish to track. Glassagram will then send you all available information about the profile, letting you privately view and save stories and posts.

And yes, this website works on private Instagram profiles. No having to follow someone who may not accept your request. Do it discreetly and without hassle when you have a subscription. It has many positive reviews, so we recommend trying it out and seeing if it’s for you.

2. uMobix – View Private Instagram Profiles Without Them Knowing

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Let’s now look at traditional spy apps and take a look at the most popular one, uMobix. This app targets parents who want to learn how to view private Instagram accounts without human verification. In this case, the human verification is their children.

This app has many functions, such as GPS tracking, messenger viewing, geofencing, and more. However, let’s stick to the Instagram viewer. When you want to view your child’s information, it will send you real-time screenshots of their account and its activity, all without them knowing that you’re checking on it.

Not only that, but you can restrict what they see and do on Instagram. As a reminder, Instagram can be an excellent site for human interaction. However, it’s also a website where predators and other bad actors lurk. To avoid this, we highly recommend installing uMobix to keep your children safe. You do have to install it on your child’s phone or through iCloud, so keep that in mind if you plan on utilizing this service.

Overall, it’s a great app for a reason, and it knows how to view private Instagram accounts. This can give you some peace of mind, as this and its many other features may prove useful. However, there may be other spy apps that better suit your needs. Let’s look at them now.

3. Eyezy – The Robust Approach to Incognito Viewing

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Eyezy is another great tracking app that lets you access private accounts and view any activities your child is doing. With its Instagram private account viewer, you will see and receive real-time updates every time your target posts a private photo or shares Instagram stories.

Eyezy’s private viewer also lets you save photos and videos in real-time and even enables you to time-stamp them. If you want to gather evidence that your child or spouse is up to no good, knowing when they have posted, everything can give you better insight.

In addition, it’s a powerful private account viewer for all your child’s social media. Remember, your child may be on social media sites and hidden apps. Eyezy leaves no stone unturned.

4. mSpy Advanced App to Get the Information

mSpy main

If you want a robust Instagram private account viewer app, mSpy is also a great contender. Like the previous couple of apps, this is built for parents who wish to keep track of their children.

With mSpy, not only see information about what your child is doing, but view all of their activities and even see their GPS location if you know they’re out and want to check up on them.

Many spy apps not only act as profile viewers for private accounts, but they let you see GPS activities relating to account private activities. When your child is using Instagram, they may use it to meet up with some people, and not all of these people have your child’s best intentions in mind. When you use these apps, keep your child safe from any bad actors. Overall, mSpy is another great tool if you want to know how to view private Instagram accounts without human verification.

5. Spyzie As the Method to Learn More Instantly

spyzie instagram viewer

Spyzie is yet another great app if you want to know how to view private Instagram accounts. Like the previous apps on this list, it is more than an Instagram viewer app but a full-on spy app. What we love about it is how sleek the interface is and how user-friendly it can be, with no root or jailbreak required.

In addition, Spyzie is a fantastic app if you want excellent customer service. It has 24/7 customer service, making it easy to get someone to talk to you if you have any questions or concerns. Installing and using the app in general is easy, but there may be times when you may need some questions. Their dedicated team will answer any questions you may have.

6. PrivateInsta – Your Basic Solution

privateinsta viewer

While these spy apps can let you know everything there is to know about your target, sometimes you only want to access their private Instagram, nothing more, nothing less. Not only that, but these apps can be expensive. So let’s get down to basics.

PrivateInsta is a great solution if you want to know how to view private Instagram accounts without human verification. All you need to know is the person’s username; no installation of any apps is required, and it’s free to use.

Enter the account name and wait for it to retrieve the person’s information. As the private photo viewer opens, you may need to answer a survey before accessing their private Instagram. Some people may not like this, but it’s an easy way to keep their site free and takes little time. Overall, this site is worth trying if you want a simple way of viewing private profile.

7. IGLookup – The Way to Obtain Extra Data

IMGLookup insta viewer

If you want to know another way how to view private Instagram accounts, this website can help. Like the previous entry, you only need to enter the person’s username. Once you’ve done this, a command prompt retrieves the account information. It’s almost exciting to see it slowly gather the data.

But as soon as it’s about to show you the information, a popup that says “Bot Like Behavior (sic) Detected!!!” appears. You need to verify your information by downloading and installing certain apps.

This will turn off many users who don’t want anything suspicious installed on their computers. Unfortunately, this is how these sites manage to offer their services for free. That said, we feel like PrivateInsta does it in a much less intrusive manner.

8. Watchinsta – Get Modern Approach to Tracking

WatchInsta main

Watchinsta is interesting among the Instagram viewer apps. On the website, you’ll see a button to visit their private Instagram viewer, which takes you to another website, Istaprivate. There, you enter the username of the person you wish to follow.

Then, it slowly starts loading everything. But you know where this is going by now. Before their account’s private information is revealed to you, you need to verify yourself, either by completing surveys for your chance to win gift cards or downloading software. Once again, this may turn off many users, but it is worth it if you want to view their Instagram.

9. InstaLooker – No Data Will Be Hidden

instalooker main

InstaLooker is another IG viewer website that lets you view a person’s Instagram followers and view their Instagram activities without a follow request. It’s pretty similar to other websites in that you enter a person’s username. It does have an excellent prompt that asks you to confirm if the profile is legitimate before retrieving the information. It’s always possible for a person to enter the wrong information, or make a typo, so this is a nice feature.

However, like most Instagram spy websites that let you view an Instagram private profile, you don’t go far until you’re asked to complete verification before you view any private profiles. When we tested this, we could not get the verification to open, so we could not view any private Instagram photos. But if it works for you, it may be an excellent website for viewing Instagram profiles.

10. Instaspy – Catch the Solution to View One’s Profile Instantly

instaspy main

Finally, if you want to view private Instagram photos, we have Instaspy for your viewing Instagram needs. This one focuses specifically on Instagram, so if your child or spouses uses this primarily to talk to others, it’s a great tool to check up on them. The site has a sleek interface, but when you enter someone’s information for viewing their private profile, you’ll be taken to a command prompt loading screen as IMGlookup, with the same popup window appearing telling you that you may be a bot.

Like the previous site, we did not see a way to verify, so we have no idea if its verification is less intrusive than its counterpart. However, if you can get it to work, then it may be ideal especially if you need to view Instagram profiles.

Final Thoughts About Insta Viewers

A private profile can be frustrating, as you have no idea what they are posting. If it’s your spouse, they may be cheating. If it’s your child, they may post photos inappropriate for someone their age. It could be someone posting embarrassing pictures of you or someone else with information you don’t want on Instagram. With that said, you have several ways to view someone’s Instagram. Install a spy app if you’ll access their phone or iCloud.

These apps allow you to view their profile and let you see private activities such as their DMs, who is following them, and much more. Some websites let you view their activities. Glassagram is our favorite, but it does require a subscription, as many spy apps do. The other websites are free to use, but you must answer surveys or download programs, which may turn off some users. However, that is the only way these sites can make money, so we recommend paying for the apps if you can. With that, we come to the close of our 10 recommended websites if you want to know how to view private Instagram without human verification. We hope this article was helpful.

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