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According to its developers, InstaRipper is a tool claimed to help recover a lost or stolen Instagram account. When someone wants to hack Instagram – they usually break your password and change it. It is a very unpleasant and inconvenient situation: you need to contact the support, prove your identity, etc.

InstaRipper will turn the hacked into the hacker and help you get your account back in the same way it was stolen – by breaking the plotter’s password and changing it to a new, safer one.

To make it all clear, it is not a phone tracker; it is a single-functioned app developed with the only aim – hack Instagram passwords.

The InstaRipper app is not a straightforward keylogger. It is a much more complex software operating on a deeper layer. This InstaRipper review aims to discover how this bad boy works and whether it is worth trying it “in the field”.

Why Is InstaRipper Worth It?

What I like about InstaRipper review is that the app serves as a password hack tool and functions as a private Instagram profile viewer, followers, and likes adder. A good part of the app is that it is entirely free and doesn’t require jailbreaking/rooting the device. 

Why Is InstaRipper Not Worth It?

The one thing that raises suspicions regarding InstaRipper is its devs, who look shady. They do not offer any means of contacting customer support, such as email, cell phone number, or live chat, which can make users uneasy about their accessibility and support.

Our aim is not to sell it or somehow influence your opinion but to be objective and conscious, looking at all its pros and cons.

InstaRipper Pros

– works on iPhones, Android devices, Windows- and MAC-operated laptops and PCs;
– no need to jailbreak the iPhone;
– seems to be free;
– has an unusual but well-thought algorithm of work.

InstaRipper Cons

– evil-doers can use it to hack your account;
– it is installed not via the official store, so the installation file can be compromised;
– the InstaRipper tool will not update automatically;
– the developers’ website looks shady and unreliable.

What Is InstaRipper Apk?

The InstaRipper app was initially created as a simple and convenient way to recover stolen or forgotten passwords. However, immediately after it was released, some nefarious individuals started using it to get access to one’s private information and even steal it. As a result, the developers are actively looking for a way to fix it. We hope the InstaRipper apk will soon be only used as intended.

The main idea behind the Instariper tool was to help people who often forget and lose their passwords recover access to their Instagram accounts in seconds. Its developers were thinking about the best algorithm for this, and as a result, they invented a unique one we will discuss in this InstaRipper app review later.

However, people soon realized that it is possible not only to recover their own passwords but also to hack other accounts. And the owners of hacked accounts started using the InstaRipper tool to regain their accounts. Such a “hacking loop” in the internet world.

The only thing the developer came up with for now is claiming they are not responsible for how people use their application. Legally, there are no issues with that. However, we hope they will soon find a way to stop hackers from inappropriately using the InstaRipper apk.

Despite this unpleasant situation, the apk download numbers are pretty high, and the InstaRipper app reviews are generally positive.

Is InstaRipper a Virus?

When you download the InstaRipper apk, your system may alarm you that it is a virus. We assure you that it is not, and it often happens while installing any hacking tool. Therefore, we recommend you disable your antivirus software.

Is InstaRipper Software Free?

The InstaRipper app is free, at least for now. You can easily download the installation file from their website – Of course, in the future, when the developers improve the application, they might start charging some money. But it is only our presumption, nothing more.

Technical Information of the InstaRipper Apk

The software can be installed on the following systems:

  • iOS (iPhones and iPads);
  • macOS (Macbooks and Macs);
  • Android devices (phones and tablets);
  • Windows devices (laptops and PCs).

Such diversity is an excellent opportunity to help users of different platforms to recover their lost or stolen passwords. However, optimizing an app for so many systems is a complex task, and we hope the developers accomplish it on the desired level.

InstaRipper App Benefits

The functionality InstaRipper uses is unusual, and we would like to discuss it in more detail below. To our mind, it perfectly solves all the problems one can face trying to hack an Instagram account.

Mask Factor

After several unsuccessful attempts to enter the password, Instagram blocks the IP. To solve this issue, the InstaRipper app changes its IP every several attempts. A whole private VPN server is held to do this.

Instant Download

You can easily download InstaRipper from, and there is no need to hack the device you want to install it on. But please, do not use one registration key for multiple devices, as you risk getting banned.

Installation Process

You can immediately move to the installation process upon downloading the installation file. No additional actions are required. The only thing we recommend doing is to disable the antivirus software if you have one.

Special Key Features

By installing the InstaRipper application, you also get access to the following additional features:

  • followers adder;
  • likes adder;
  • InstaRipper private profile viewer.

Please, use them responsibly, not aiming to harm any existing Instagram user.

What’s New in InstaRipper Apk?

The latest version was released on the 9th of February, 2023. The developers are constantly working on improving the system. Now their main task is to block the Instagram security system, and this feature is already active in the latest version. So if you had an older one installed, you need to delete it first and then re-install, having downloaded the newest from the website.

The company also works on its support service. With the new patch, they have launched new support pages on social networks, which aim to improve their communication with the users. So, you are able to always contact the developers via those pages if you encounter any problems or bugs while using InstaRipper.

How to Download InstaRipper Without Verification?

This review on InstaRipper would have been useless and not informative without the downloading and installation procedure explanation. Especially for our readers, we have prepared step-by-step instruction on what should be done before using it.

Step 1: Disable your antivirus software.

Step 2: Download the installation file from; there is a big red download button.

Step 3: Launch the installation file, press the “next” buttons, and you are all set!

We understand that in 2023 it is unusual and unexpected to see such a straightforward download and installation procedure, but it is the reality.

We only want to recommend you download InstaRipper only from the official website. The developers are not responsible for anything happening if you download their software from another resource.

Does InstaRipper App Actually Work?

It would be weird to write an InstaRipper review if it actually did not work, wouldn’t it? This application works, and it helps to recover the passwords for all Instagram accounts you have on the device. Do not expect anything else from this apk, as it is not supposed to help you with other things.


Is InstaRipper detectable?

This question is incorrect, as you should not use InstaRipper to hack the Instagram accounts of other people. It is not supposed to be undetectable. Anyway, when installed on the device, there are no notifications, and it works in the background.

Is InstaRipper legit?

It is a safe application that cannot and may not compromise your data. Everything goes through their encrypted servers; no third party can access it. The apk download is also a safe process; even if your antivirus software warns you, you can ignore it without hesitation.

Is InstaRipper a scam?

Nothing is absolute in this world, thus, everything is possible. To our mind and according to our research, InstaRipper is not a scam. On the contrary, it is a reliable and workable application aimed at helping people.

Is InstaRipper legal?

In our InstaRipper review, we want to claim responsibly that this application is 100% legal. Before installing it, we recommend you read the users’ agreement to ensure that you are aware of all the usage conditions. The main thing is that you should only install it on the devices you own or have permission to do so.

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