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It often happens that you want to view private Instagram profile of an influencer, idol, movie/superstar, or even a guy who liked your girlfriend’s picture, but you do not want to send a friend request. It is precisely the case when Instagram profile viewer InstaSpy can solve the issue for you.

What Is

InstaSpy is a private Instagram profile viewer which does not require installation. Should you want to see stories or posts of a person who decided to limit access to their account – you can do it in a couple of clicks with it.

To use InstaSpy private Instagram viewer, you should open the website InstaSpy and follow the instructions there. It is essential to understand that it is an online service, not an application. Thus, there is no need to root or jailbreak your device or hack it in any other way. You can see the contents of any private account right from the browser without any additional manipulations.

How Does InstaSpy Work?

In this InstaSpy review, we will present the most detailed step-by-step instructions on using this private Instagram account viewer. Although we perfectly understand that many people love to figure everything out themselves and have that great feeling of discovery, we recommend you read this social media viewer review till the end to avoid many questions rising.

So, when you open the website, you will get to a page with the service description. If you want to ensure the legality of this viewer – the developers assure you that it is 100% legal at the bottom of the page. They also mention that this profile viewer is developed for educational purposes, which is, actually, their legal shield.

The button you need is located at the top right corner and is called “spy now”. Upon clicking on it, you will see something like a search bar where you need to paste the account link. Do this, click “access profile”, and here you will have to wait a couple of seconds to view it, as InstaSpy needs to get access.

Sometimes you may be asked to enter a captcha. It sometimes happens that the InstaSpy private profile viewer is attacked by bots, so the developers were pushed to implement such a solution. If you are a human being, you should have no problems with it.

InstaSpy Instagram Viewer Pros and Cons

We have been using the InstaSpy Instagram viewer for quite some time, and we are ready to share our impressions in this InstaSpy review.

InstaSpy Instagram profile viewer does not require installation, which is a huge plus. There is no need to bother with downloading, hacking, installing, registering, and so on just to view one’s Insta profile.Sometimes, while getting access to Instagram accounts, you may be asked to enter a captcha, but there is no captcha. We hope the developers will fix it.
It is very simple to use. Basically, you can find the information you need in a few clicks: copy the link, paste it into the search bar, click “access profile”, and you are done.Usually, it takes a couple of seconds to get access, but sometimes the process may get stuck for around 5 minutes. We don’t know what the reason for it is.

InstaSpy Main Features

It is hard to talk about the main features of a social media viewer if it has none. Well, apologies, it has one – to view the private Instagram accounts. InstaSpy is a genuine one-feature application with little to offer apart from what it was created for.

InstaSpy Pricing

At first, we could not believe our eyes, so we double-checked the website. However, after this, we were still not sure, so we checked other InstaSpy reviews but only got our suggestions confirmed. Finally, we simply googled: “How much is InstaSpy private Instagram viewer?” and got no results or numbers. So, now we can responsibly claim that InstaSpy is free.

InstaSpy Review Verdict

Should you need to view one’s Instagram stories, posts, or other page content, InstaSpy accounts viewer can become one of the choices first of all because it is free (obviously). It is always cool to have a decent service, not having to pay a single penny for it.

Secondly, there is no installation mess with this Instagram account viewer. It is a 100% online and web-based service, with all its features (one feature) accessible via the website. Forget about all those roots and installation file downloads – save your time and nerves.

Finally, it is extremely easy to use: you only need to copy-paste the private Instagram accounts links into the search bar, and voila, observe the results! In the case of InstaSpy, all beauty is in simplicity.

Anyway, due to the troubles we faced while trying to use the software, we conclude that there are much more reliable and efficient solutions to view private Instagram stories, likes, posts, etc.


Is InstaSpy safe?

You only use InstaSpy when you want to view private Instagram profiles. You do not share any personal data, such as your name, address, or bank account. Of course, we may not be sure 100% that it is safe. It is impossible to guarantee the safety of any service, even if the developers claim that it is safer than a Swiss bank. However, in the case of InstaSpy, we do not see where danger can possibly come from.

Is InstaSpy legit?

As the developers state on the website – InstaSpy gives access to private Instagram accounts only for educational purposes. Whatever it means (we have no idea what educational purposes you may have to access a private Instagram account), you should not have any legal problems using InstaSpy. Our guess is that any information you get cannot be used for financial profit or as evidence in court, but we don’t think many of our readers set such goals.

Is InstaSpy real?

Well, philosophically speaking, what is real in this life? But, seriously, there is a public website with a description and search bar, which even seems to work correctly. Thus, we have no reasons to doubt its reality.

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