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Instagram is great, isn’t it? The whole world is in your device, where you can freely share your thoughts, videos, and photos and monitor the highlights of your friends’ lives. Moreover, this social media is a great way to spy on some people outside your follower list.

But what to do if the targeted person has a private account? You could create a fake account, send the following request from your personal page, or use a private Instagram viewer to access the desired information. Today we will share our review of the Istaprivate app to find out the answer to the question: “Is Istaprivate safe to use, or is it a scam?”.

What Is an Istaprivate App?

We started our Istaprivate review by checking the information about the app, its features, and its main goals on its official web page. According to it, the Istaprivate is a modern Instagram viewer which allows you to check hidden information from private Instagram profiles for free. The viewer app doesn’t require installation and works online.

The main page looks simple and consists of the search bar, instructions on how to use the app, and two fields: one for users’ chat and one for anybody who would like to leave an Istaprivate review or opinion after using it.

Istaprivate Features

Istaprivate is a private photo viewer, and according to the official website, it has a lot of great features compared to the competition. Talking about the features of the Istaprivate app, the developers mentioned a few things:

  • The app gives its users access to any private Instagram account without limits;
  • After accessing the private Instagram account, a user will have the possibility to view private photos, stories, posts, and reels at the profile;
  • The tool is 100% free;
  • It works worldwide;
  • The app doesn’t require installation;
  • Istaprivate is compatible with any modern device, including Android devices and iOS.

As far as the free tool to view any private Instagram account sounds too good to be true, we had to check ourselves “Is Istaprivate scam or legit?”

Is Istaprivate Safe and How Does It Work?

To start using Istaprivate Instagram profile viewer, the user doesn’t need to install anything or create an account; access to the search bar is available right after entering the website.

To view private accounts, users need to know the Instagram profile user name and go through the manual human verification process. Even though a Captcha could be annoying, we decided that it’s a small price to pay for a free private profile viewer.

The website led us to the three options to pick from to finish the human verification, and it looked fishy from the beginning. The webpage requested to install the gaming viewer app, the Opera browser or submit the survey about the chocolate. Any of those verification processes gave us access to the private Instagram account, though.

According to the live chat from the website, Istaprivate has users who managed to get access to private Instagram accounts, but we had no luck this time. This made us wonder, “Is Istaprivate legit at all?”

Is Istaprivate Actually Free?

Trying to use the Istaprivate Instagram viewer, we found confirmation on the site that the tool is 100% free and doesn’t require any subscription plan to be paid ahead to try the service. Unfortunately, we couldn’t confirm if it was working, but, indeed, we were not requested to pay for the app at any moment of our review process of this tool.

Conclusion: Istaprivate Review 2023

The reason we did an Istaprivate review is the high interest from modern Instagram users in ways how to view any Instagram private profile without being caught on spying. An Istaprivate private viewer is a great tool in theory, but we didn’t find clear proof of its legitimacy, so we would recommend using verified methods for checking someone’s private account or legit apps like, for example, Glassagram.

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