All those who value anonymity on the internet – behold! LikeCreeper gets into the industry to ensure that no one will reveal your personality while you view private Instagram accounts. The way how it works is as simple as 2×2: paste the link of the desired Instagram account into the app and enjoy.

LikeCreeper Review: In Its Nuts

The greatest thing and, in our opinion, the best LikeCreeper selling point is that this Instagram viewer does not require installation. It has several advantages:

  • no fuss with finding versions for different platforms;
  • you can start checking Instagram profiles immediately, not losing time on installation, license agreement acceptance, etc.;
  • the only software you need to use LikeCreeper profile viewer is a browser.

It allows you to view Instagram private profiles without a subscription and completely anonymously. You may wonder why one might need such a service. Some people do not want to clutter up their feeds and friend lists; others are online stalkers somewhere deep in their souls. Thus, such a service would greatly interest them and many others.

The best alternative to LikeCreeper

I recommend a superior alternative to LikeCreeper for viewing Instagram profiles. Based on my thorough testing and research, Glassagram stands out as the top choice, offering the best features, performance, accuracy, and customer support available today.

What Made Me Like LikeCreeper?

The best part of the LikeCreeper app is that there is no need to install it or do any tricky tech stuff. It makes it legal and compatible with all operating systems. Furthermore, it’s entirely free, ensuring accessibility for everyone.

What Made Me Dislike LikeCreeper?

The app requires you to pass human verification by clicking the “I am not a robot” button. Once confirmed, it displayed unrelated options like “Install and register to play for 30min 8 Ball Master” and “Do you want to be a millionaire?” that redirected to third-party websites. It looks like a scam. If you ask me, “Can LikeCreeper review private Instagram accounts?” I’ll say to you, “No, it cannot.”

likecreeper human verification

How Does LikeCreeper Work?

LikeCreeper, in its essence, is an Instagram viewer. In fact, the original Instagram application for the mobile device is also an Instagram viewer, so what is the difference? LikeCreeper allows you to view private profiles not logging into your account, which means that you will see the content of the page as a faceless shadow.

The procedure is concise and simple: you need to open the website and enter the Instagram profile link in the only field on the page. Then, you will be asked to prove that you are a human, and that is it. This captcha is a great idea as it improves the service’s stability, offsetting the number of potential DDOS and bot attacks.

LikeCreeper Review: Features

The main and only feature of LikeCreeper is viewing private Instagram profiles. Unfortunately, it cannot boast any more additions to the list. However, we cannot say it is a 100% negative point. Applications that are claimed to have lots of features often struggle to maintain all of them on a proper level. Thus, LikeCreeper, with its Instagram profile viewer, has one significant advantage: the team can give all its efforts to one main feature.

LikeCreeper Review: Is It Free?

LikeCreeper private Instagram profile viewer is free, but honestly, we would prefer it to be paid. To use this service, you must visit the page of one of their partners and register there for an offer provided. They call it “Human Verification”. We are ready to pay 5 or 10 bucks to use this private Instagram viewer without that sh… inconvenience. Hopefully, developers will hear us.

Conclusion: Is LikeCreeper Safe and Legit?

By using LikeCreeper, you do not break any laws. There are several vulnerabilities in the Instagram code, and this private Instagram viewer uses them successfully. It does not create new ones or hack the security system; thus, no legal issues endanger you.

However, there is one thing you must be aware of. If Instagram is banned in the country of your residence, LikeCreeper usage will be as illegal as gaining access to Instagram. A good example is China with its Great Chinese Firewall: Instagram is blocked there, and it is only possible to access it using a VPN. But VPN applications are illegal in China. Thus, if you want to use LikeCreeper – you need to turn on VPN, and by doing so, you break Chinese laws. Hopefully, you got our point: check the local laws first if you want to use this private Instagram account viewer.

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