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Isn’t it amazing how fast social media have become a prominent and undivided part of our life? Unlimited and neverending access to information about other people caught us in the Insta weebs, and we can’t have enough. Ironically Instagram is also known for its versatility among other social media platforms, as it allows users to have a private account and adjust it according to their preferences. Any user can keep the profile private, and there can be many reasons for this. But there is also no surprise that private accounts, covered from strangers’ eyes, are more interesting and tempting to pry into.

Looking for a way to access someone’s private page without creating a fake Instagram account, subscribing to it, or waiting for the submission of your follow request you may come across a lot of different Instagram spy apps and websites in Google, but how do know which one is legit and safe to use? Today we will review one of the free private Instagram viewers you can trust –

Why Do I Like PrivateInsta?

What I like about PrivateInsta is its easy-to-navigate UI and no need for app installation, as the tool is web-based, which makes it accessible to everyone. So, it does not matter what device you use to view your target’s private IG profile.

Why I Don’t Like PrivateInsta?

In my recent PrivateInsta review, I wrote that the app worked great. However, upon revisiting the PrivateInsta website recently, I found a significant issue. When I entered the account username and pressed “Enter.” The app reloaded the page without displaying any content. I’m unsure of the cause, but it’s clear that the developers need to fix this error.

Let us explain what this app is about and what are its main Pros and Cons below.

PrivateInsta Pros

– This is an easy-to-use service with a user-friendly interface
– Service is available on the website and doesn’t require an app installation
– It’s free to use unlimited without creating an account

PrivateInsta Cons

– The service requests human verification to view private Instagram profile
– Website is available only in the English language
– An Instagram profile private ID is required to use the service

Better Alternative to

In 2023, I recommend a better alternative Instagram viewer to PrivateInsta. Based on my testing and research, Glassagram has the best features, performance, accuracy, and customer support currently.

What Is PrivateInsta? is a service that allows you to view Instagram profile details, including any Instagram story, images and profile pictures, and Instagram followers. This is definitely one of the best choices when you need an Instagram spy app or webpage here and now and you need it to work perfectly.

If it’s your first time hearing about PrivateInsta, it’s just because it is a new Instagram private viewer that has been recently launched in the market, but it has been growing rapidly. Today there are already millions of users of this tool which is the best confirmation of good quality.

We mentioned before that PrivateInsta is safe and very user-friendly, but what does it mean in practice? The working process of this tool itself is very simple: it won’t ask users to remember any tricky codes or unique passwords. All you need to do is to enter the username of the person’s profile at the search bar and press the submit button.

Next step – a spy app will direct you to the human verification process, and once you fill out the survey, a new page containing the desired private Instagram information appears. With few clicks and within no time, PrivateInsta will get you access to a private Instagram account. The idea of the viewer app is not completely new, and it has a lot of competition on the market, but it is a product of good quality, and it actually provides promised services.

Is PrivateInsta Free of Cost?

One of our favorite things about this private Instagram profiles viewer is that you can use it free of charge. Having familiarized yourself with our PrivateInsta review, you now know that using it is possible without any subscription fees or costs and doesn’t require purchasing a premium account.

PrivateInsta Benefits Review

PrivateInsta is just one of the services in this field on the market, so we checked it and made some conclusions about the benefits of using this Instagram profile viewer app.


One of the best parts is that you can access the PrivateInsta safe website from your laptop, desktop, or mobile phone. It is available on Windows, macOS, macOS X, Android, and iOS. There is no PrivateInsta app yet, but coming soon.


Nobody likes when the service you are using is failing you at the most inconvenient time. PrivateInsta website is working independently from other services; it’s not overloaded with design or additional tasks, hence works consistently and without technical issues.


According to PrivateInsta reviews, this website is easy to use and allows you to view hidden Instagram photos, profile pictures, and videos from Instagram private accounts. The only thing required from the user is the human verification test which takes a few seconds.


This free profile viewer site is securely encrypted with an SSL certificate to ensure secure and reliable connections. For security reasons, the service doesn’t require users to enter their account details. The product is legalized and licensed, hence obviously safe to use.

Why Use PrivateInsta?

Every internet user is aware of scammers and the tricks they are using to steal our private information. We should be careful of what websites to use and links to click. In this case, PrivateInsta is one of the services that we could trust and use without fear of getting hacked. Keep reading our PrivateInsta review to find out the possible uses of the Instagram photo viewer app.

Spying on Your EX and Staying Incognito

According to the statistics, spying on one’s Ex is one of the most common reasons for using PrivateInsta. The service allows you to view all information on your previous lover page, including stories, read comments, and satisfy your curiosity without being caught on spying. The service guarantees full incognito status, even if you are a bit of an Insta stalker. As a bonus, you shouldn’t be afraid that you will like posts by accident.

An Anonymous Guard Angel for Your Kids

It’s not a secret that having a teen kid is a big challenge for parents. It’s getting even harder if the kid makes social media private and refuses to communicate. To keep them safe and see if your teen needs support, it is possible to use PrivateInsta. It’s not the best solution to ruin someone’s boundaries, but sometimes, by doing that, you may be the true guard angel for your kids and manage to help them on time.

Viewing Any Private Page at Any Time and Place

Viewing any private page at any time and place is sometimes not a luxury but a necessity. Whenever you don’t have time to wait until your follow request gets submitted by another person or gets submitted at all, PrivateInsta could be the best solution. The profile viewer app is available 24/7 on any device, so you will be able to receive necessary information as fast as possible. This is basically the main goal of the tool.


PrivateInsta legit operation raises no questions. It is a real service that allows users to review all information on private Instagram accounts. It doesn’t require any of your personal information or buying a subscription to use the tool.

The PrivateInsta work is legit. The Instagram viewer app is legalized and licensed; hence obviously safe to use. To access the tool, you are required to pass the human verification by filling out the survey.

PrivateInsta is a new service on the market and just working on gaining users’ trust. Today there are already millions of users of this tool, which is the best confirmation of good quality. is completely safe. This site is securely encrypted with an SSL certificate to ensure secure and reliable connections. The product is safe to use as it is legalized and licensed.

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