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Searching for a method to monitor your partner or kids? The process may be a lot simpler than you think. All you need is an app that will do the work for you. There are various spying applications available online that can fulfill your requirements. While certain apps are absolutely fantastic, some phone spy apps may be fraudulent and made to steal your time and perhaps even your personal information. Making a sensible choice while installing a phone spy app is crucial.

One of the best private instagram viewer apps available in the market that specializes in catching cheaters or monitoring your child is SpyBubble Pro. This app has various features that allow you to monitor your partner’s online activities. You can view their call logs, messages, internet browser history, and app usage. It provides a detailed overview of their online behavior and can help determine if they cheat. Is SpyBubble Pro legit? Read further to find out.

In this SpyBubble review, we will take a closer look at how does SpyBubble work, how to use it, install it, the pros and cons, and more. Let’s dive in!

Why SpyBubble Is Worth Your Money?

SpyBubble Pro proves its worth by offering a comprehensive set of tools to conduct discreet and accurate phone monitoring. It runs in 100% stealth mode and gives you full control over your spouse’s online and offline mobile activities. You can track contacts, calendars, locations, instant messaging apps, and social media accounts and trace your spouse’s digital footsteps by accessing deleted calls and messages. SpyBubble Pro is an effective game-changer in uncovering the truths in your relationship at a reasonable price.

What you might not like about SpyBubble Pro?

Some monitoring features of the hidden spy app, such as web history tracking and audio streaming, are not available for iOS devices. Plus, SpyBubble Pro does not offer call recording and geofencing services.

SpyBubble Pro Quick Overview

SpyBubble Pro is a high-ranking and reliable spying app among parents and partners that provides quality monitoring services for both Android and iPhone. You can complete the set-up process within minutes and start remote tracking immediately. By disguising itself successfully in the mobile OS, SpyBubble Pro protects your anonymity during your investigation and helps you catch a cheating partner red-handed. Before digging into our all-inclusive SpyBubble review, here is a quick glance at the spy app:

SpyBubble ProFeatures
Compatibility Android, iOS devices
Money Back Guarantee14-Day Money Back Guarantee
Free TrialYes (upon request)
Lowest Price$12.49 per month for an annual pack
Best FeaturesWhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook tracker, keylogger, Geofinder, camera and microphone access, deleted calls and messages viewer

What Is SpyBubble Pro, and How Does SpyBubble Work?

SpyBubble app is a cloud-based monitoring app that allows you to monitor various activities on a target device, including text messages, location, call logs, and internet history. SpyBubble Pro can be installed on any compatible iOS or Android device. With SpyBubble Pro, you have complete visibility and control over your loved one’s online activities.

How Much Does SpyBubble Cost?

The available packages include a full feature set, the only difference being the length of the subscription. It is possible to choose from a 12-month plan for $12.49 per month, a 3-month plan for $29.99 per month, or a 1-month plan for $49.99. Pay attention that the SpyBubble Pro app doesn’t provide a free trial period for users to test the app before committing to a subscription.

SpyBubble Pros

– Provides a comprehensive view of activities, including calls, messages, etc.
– The target device user cannot easily detect it.
– Reasonably priced with regular information updates every 5 minutes.
– Offers real-time location tracking and accurate data tracking.
– User-friendly interface with an easy-to-navigate dashboard.

SpyBubble Cons

– Doesn’t offer the feature to record the phone’s calls.
– Certain features are only available for Android devices.


The SpyBubble app is a cross-platform application that will benefit users of computers, smartphones, and tablets. The SpyBubble app works on both iOS and Android smartphones. So, regardless of the phone your spouse uses, you can look into all of their activities with this software. If the person has an Android device, it must be Android version 4 or above. However, if the target device is an iPhone, there are no such restrictions; it works with all current iOS devices.

spybubblepro compatibility

How to Install SpyBubble App on Android?

It is simple to use the SpyBubble Pro app. All you need to do is pay for the product and then download it, which just takes a few minutes. SpyBubble app offers clear instructions for software installation processes, unlike most of its competitors. Here’s a step-by-step guide to installing SpyBubble on Android:

Step-1: Create an account with SpyBubble:

Go to the SpyBubble website and tap on the “Try Now” button. Complete the registration by entering your details and choosing the plan for Android. You will receive an email with your login data and instructions on how to set up the SpyBubble account.

Step-2: Turn off Play Protect:

On the target phone, open the Google Play Store and click the profile icon. From the list of options, select “Play Protect.” Turn off both settings on the “Play Protect” screen by pressing the green switches until they become greyed out.

Step-3: Install SpyBubble on the Device:

Open an incognito browser window. From the SpyBubble Pro app dashboard, copy the download link and paste it into the address bar. Download the APK file and install the app.

Step-4: Configure the App:

At the start-up screen, select the “Agree and Continue” option. Enable the keylogger feature by clicking the “Enable Keylogger Tracking” option. Grant permissions and clearances by selecting “Allow” for all of them, including “User Accounts” and “Downloaded Services.” Complete the automatic setup process and begin the manual procedure. Prevent uninstallation of the app by using the “Prevent Uninstall” option.

Step-5: Complete Registration:

Enter the security code received during registration. Choose whether or not to use the app in stealth mode.

How to Install SpyBubble App on iPhone?

Follow the below-mentioned procedure after Step-1 of the Android guide:

Step-2: Choose the Operating System:

Select the “iOS, iPhone, iPad” option and choose a subscription plan that suits your needs. You will receive a confirmation email with further instructions.

Step-3: iCloud Login:

No need to access the target iPhone; enter the iCloud login and password into the SpyBubble app from your device.

Step-4: Monitor Data:

Check the SpyBubble Pro app dashboard to monitor the data of the target iPhone. You must enter a confirmation code if two-factor verification is enabled on the target device. Also, it is necessary that iCloud backup is turned on.

SpyBubble Pro Features Review

Let’s dive into the features to review SpyBubble comprehensively.

spybubblepro features

Track Calls and Contacts

If you think your spouse is cheating, a good place to begin your investigation is with their contacts list. Fortunately, the SpyBubble app offers advanced features for call log monitoring, including:

Call Log Tracking

SpyBubble Pro allows you to monitor the call logs of the targeted phone and keep track of the contacts stored on it. You can gain insight into the calls made and received by the user, including call duration and phone numbers. This information can be extremely useful in helping you determine the nature of the user’s relationships and any potential deceitful behavior.

Deleted Call Logs

One of the key features of SpyBubble Pro is the ability to view even deleted call logs. This is a valuable tool for catching a dishonest partner who may attempt to erase evidence of their activities. 

Contact List

SpyBubble Pro app also allows you to view the phone book of all the contacts stored on the targeted phone. These will show you how many times a number was dialed, when it was dialed, and how long each call lasted. You won’t even need to attempt to track the number if it belongs to a saved contact since their name will show. By seeing the contact’s name and phone number, you may easily determine if they are someone else or a mutual contact.

Unfortunately, it cannot record phone calls, so if call recording is important to you, you may consider using a different app.

Text Messages Monitoring

SpyBubble Pro review wouldn’t be complete without mentioning one of the most useful features – text messages monitoring. Texts are a common tool used by individuals who engage in infidelity, and they often use a variety of messaging platforms, including SMS, instant messaging apps, and social media. Don’t worry; whether it’s a social media message or an SMS, SpyBubble Pro can track all outgoing and incoming messages.

SMS Texting Monitoring

If your partner uses traditional SMS to communicate with someone else, you may easily find it out by accessing the “Messages” section within the SpyBubble Pro dashboard and seeing all text messages received or sent and reading the content. The app also offers a unique feature of tracking deleted text messages, so be confident you will not miss any crucial information.

Instant Messaging and Social Media Monitoring

In addition to SMS, SpyBubble Pro also tracks messages sent over social media and instant messaging apps in addition to SMS. The app uses a keylogger to record everything typed on various messaging platforms and takes a screenshot each time a social media app is opened, ensuring a complete record of all text communications. Keyloggers capture each keystroke entered into the target device. They capture everything they enter on their keyboard, including any notes or messages.

The keylogger feature of Spybubble Pro will capture passwords, usernames, secret codes, and many other things. This entire list is visible through the online dashboard. Paired with the Spybubble Pro Web browser tracker, you can log into websites they visited. Such type of spying is only possible with such a sophisticated program.

Hidden Chat Monitoring

Many messaging apps have a secret chat feature, automatically deleting messages after the other person has read them. This can make it difficult to uncover hidden conversations between your partner and another person. However, with SpyBubble Pro, you can easily read these hidden chats and gain insight into your partner’s activities. It does this by taking instant screenshots. The program is designed to take screenshots of every activity performed on the target device, which it then sends to its servers every minute.

Location Tracker

Are you curious about your spouse’s or child’s whereabouts? SpyBubble Pro has got you covered. With its advanced location tracking feature, you may easily monitor the real-time location of the needed device. Further, you also get accurate timestamps and dates for each location logged. This way, you know if they are where they should be or if they have deviated from their planned route.

Map Integration

Thanks to its integration with Google Maps, you will be able to see the precise location of the target device on a map. This means that even if you are unfamiliar with the area, you will quickly find directions to the location. Furthermore, you may zoom in or out on the map to get a better view of the surroundings.

While SpyBubble Pro’s location tracking feature is robust, it does have one limitation. The app doesn’t offer a GeoFencing feature. However, even without the GeoFencing feature, SpyBubble Pro’s location-tracking capability is still more than adequate to monitor your loved one’s movements.

Social Media & Dating Apps Monitoring

Social media can be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it’s a great way to connect with friends and family, but on the other hand, it can also be a breeding ground for cheating and other forms of deceit. SpyBubble is a powerful tool that allows you to monitor social media and dating apps, giving you an inside look into your partner’s or child’s online activities.

You might think, “Is SpyBubble Pro legit? Isn’t this spying over the edge?” The software is long enough on the market, is completely legal, and engaged an extensive batch of admirers. Moreover, it uses HTTPS encryption to keep user data safe. Keep reading to find out more about some of the social media that can be tracked.

SpyBubble WhatsApp Monitoring

If you suspect your partner is cheating, chances are they’re using WhatsApp to communicate. SpyBubble Pro allows you to access and save your partner’s WhatsApp activity. The moment text messages, videos, or pictures are received, they’re uploaded to your dashboard. SpyBubble Pro will also access group chats. This feature can help you check whether your child is in illicit groups or if someone unknown is communicating with your child.

SpyBubble Snapchat Monitoring

Snapchat is one of the most secure social media apps, making it a popular choice for communication among children and adults. SpyBubble Pro has no boundaries. Once installed or set up, the software provides access to all Snapchat data, including sent and received chats, status updates, and friends lists.

SpyBubble Instagram Monitoring

Instagram has become a hub for communication and connection. However, it’s also easy for people to engage in secret conversations, making it a prime location for infidelity. With SpyBubble Pro’s social media spying tools, you will read and access Instagram messages, view their stories, posts, and replies, and know who sent them and when.

SpyBubble Facebook Monitoring

If you suspect your partner of cheating, accessing their Facebook can give you the answers you want. SpyBubble Pro allows you to monitor your partner’s Facebook activity, giving you an inside look into their conversations, posts, and friends list.

Phone Camera & Microphone Remote Access

Are you curious about what your partner or loved ones are up to when you’re not around? With SpyBubble, you will now access your phone’s camera and microphone and monitor your activities remotely. It allows you to listen to everything surrounding them and record their actions by hacking their phone’s microphone and camera. With this information, it is easy to confront the target individual right away with solid proof. This powerful tool allows you to see and hear everything happening on the other end.

Remote Microphone Access

SpyBubble provides you with real-time audio streaming, allowing you to listen to the surrounding sounds of the targeted device. With just a click of a button, you can start recording ambient sound and monitor what is happening in real time. The target phone must be online and in an active state to be able to record voice, video, or snap photos. However, it’s important to note that the audio cannot be stored and can only be listened to in real time.

Remote Camera Access

SpyBubble also offers remote access to the front and rear cameras of the targeted device. With this feature, you will record videos that capture both audio and video, allowing you to see and hear what your partner is doing when you’re not around. However, it’s crucial that the internet speed is good to ensure that video playback is smooth and clear. If video playback is not possible, you can also take a photo snapshot from either camera and gather evidence against them.

SpyBubble Pro vs. mSpy

When it comes to comparing mSpy and SpyBubble, both offer unique features and benefits to users. While mSpy excels in parental control and monitoring for children, offering advanced keylogging capabilities, SpyBubble provides more in-depth monitoring for individuals concerned about someone cheating or engaging in other suspicious activities.

What’s in Common

  • Simple to set up, and you won’t have any trouble monitoring your children’s internet behavior.
  • Have extensive monitoring features, including software blocking, keylogging, the ability to extract deleted data, call and message tracking, GPS location tracking, social media monitoring, etc.
  • Compatible with Android and iOS.
  • Require physical installation for Android and iCloud credentials for remote installation on iOS.
  • SpyBubble Pro review feedback from users is mostly positive, same as for mSpy.

What Differs

  • mSpy is marketed as a parental control app, while SpyBubble can be useful in uncovering cheating or suspicious behavior.
  • Lite version of mSpy is available in App Store, while SpyBubble is based online.
  • mSpy requires jailbreak for more extensive features, while SpyBubble doesn’t.
  • mSpy has a demo and free trial, while SpyBubble doesn’t.
  • SpyBubble offers full access to Instagram and Facebook on iOS as if you are using your own device, while mSpy doesn’t.

Both apps offer useful features, but the choice between the two may depend on your specific needs. We hope that our SpyBubble Pro Review list of similarities and differences was helpful to you.

SpyBubble Pro Review Conclusion

We hope you now have an answer to the query, “Is SpyBubble legit?” thanks to our detailed SpyBubble Pro review. It is a robust and legitimate spy app that offers a wide range of features to monitor the activities of your loved ones. With its advanced location tracking, access to photos and videos, and the ability to see the list of all installed apps, it is one of the best spying solutions available.

The app also has responsive customer support via live chat and has a negligible impact on the target device, making it a good choice for anyone who wants to discreetly monitor their spouse or loved one. While it does lack some common features found in other spy apps, its strong focus on core functionality and ease of use make it a valuable tool for those looking to catch a cheater.


It helps to catch a cheater by giving access to their phone activity without their knowledge. You can track messages, call logs, and cameras on a target cell phone.

The SpyBubble app does not cause any noticeable issues, such as heating or lagging. Thus, the target person will never know that the app is installed on their phone.

Yes, SpyBubble Pro is a legitimate app that can help you to monitor your loved ones remotely.

Yes, it is possible to track your wife’s phone without her knowing using SpyBubble Pro, as it is designed to stay hidden and capture all activities remotely.

Yes, using the SpyBubble app, you will be able to monitor your husband’s text messages without him knowing, as it provides remote access to all his text messages.

No, SpyBubble Pro is not free. You need to create an account and a subscription to access its features. The price for 1 month is $49.99.

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