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The TheOneSpy review benefits parents or employers looking for an app to help them monitor their children or employees. Even people in insecure relationships can use this application to know the truth about their partners’ behaviors. Like any monitoring app, TheOneSpy has features you may want to know before buying. This review delves deeper into this spy app’s features, pricing, pros, and cons.

What Is TheOneSpy Parental Control App?

TheOneSpy is a parental monitoring app that lets parents or guardians watch their children’s online activities. Upon installation on the target device, TheOneSpy app allows users to access numerous features, including live screen recording, location tracking, and social media monitoring.

It collects data from the device and transfers it to the user’s account, where they can access it. The best thing about this application is that it addresses most spying dynamics and dimensions. It covers employers’ and parents’ most pressing issues regarding the target person’s activities.

Like other spy apps, TheOneSpy lets you monitor your target phone remotely since it reports every activity the child, partner, or employee performs on their device. Also, a parent can use this application to follow their kids’ movements and protect them against online hazards. This app updates the parents on their teens’ activity with timestamps.

Also, employers can safeguard business data and secrets with this powerful app. TheOneSpy is easy to use, allowing complete access to the device you wish to monitor.

What Made Me Like TheOneSpy?

What I like most about TheOneSpy are its unique tracking features:

  • Capturing audio messages across various platforms
  • Recording calls while pinpointing their location
  • Providing screen lock PIN codes

The best part that impressed me about this tool is that most of its advanced features are available for Android devices without rooting.

What Made Me Dislike TheOneSpy?

There are two aspects I found less favorable about this app. Firstly, it does not offer a free trial, although its subscription packages are reasonably priced. Secondly, it works only on jailbroken iOS devices. However, if you know how to jailbreak the target iPhone, it won’t be a problem.

TheOneSpy Quick Review

If you are looking for an excellent spy-tracking app with plenty of advanced tracking features other apps lack, then TheOneSpy app is what will meet your requirements. It serves as an excellent tool for monitoring your kids’ online activities as well as revealing the truth about your cheating partner. Moreover, it can be a perfect software to control employees’ productivity and identify potential data leaks. 

To better understand TheOneSpy peculiarities, delve into the TheOneSpy review below. 

Requires RootingNo
Requires JailbreakingYes
CompatibilityiOS, Android, Mac, Windows
Free TrialNo
Free Demo VersionYes
Money Refund14 days
Minimal Subscription PriceStarts at $25/mo (Android)Starts at $55/mo (iOS, Mac)Starts at $40/mo (Windows)
Instaviewerapp Rating8/10(best alternative: uMobix)

How Does TheOneSpy Work?

The primary reason to read TheOneSpy review is to know how the application works. First, install this parental control app on the target cell phone. After that, it will upload data from the device to cloud storage. Ideally, TheOneSpy stores all the information on the cloud. So, the user only signs in to access all the data anytime, anywhere.

This app’s online backup consists of vital information, including call logs, contact numbers, chats, emails, photos, videos, and key logs. It also incorporates an online web portal to monitor the tracked cell phone. It allows the end-user to retrieve data from the mobile phone via the web portal, which they can also use as the online control panel to command the device.

Once you install the TheOneSpy app, it runs in stealth mode. Thus, your monitoring activity will remain undetectable to your child, partner, or employee. It does not generate any notification or sound on the monitored phone, meaning it performs its functions secretly.

TheOneSpy Pros and Cons

This TheOneSpy review will be incomplete if it fails to highlight the pros and cons. Like other parental control apps, TheOneSpy hits and misses in some aspects. Here’s a breakdown of its pros and cons.


  • Features advanced features
  • Facilitates supervising social media apps usage
  • Lets parents limit their kids’ screen time by controlling mobile apps remotely and blocking websites
  • Facilitates capturing most activities without detection
  • Enables the user to access confidential data, including passwords
  • Can be used to retrieve vital data from the cell phone through the backup
  • Can be used to evaluate internet usage by the person you’re monitoring
  • Helps you protect your child from sexting and online bullying
  • Allows controlling the device’s microphones and cameras remotely


  • Needs to provide a trial version
  • The premier package is available for rooted Android devices only

TheOneSpy App Features Review

This tracking app has several features that other spyware tools lack. However, most TheOneSpy reviews highlight that they require rooting Android devices. Here are the high-tech monitoring features of this phone monitoring software.

Live360 Streaming

The TheOneSpy premium edition lets you monitor your child, spouse, or employee all the time upon installation. It enables you to see their surrounding’s live view using their mobile device’s back and front cameras. Thus, you pick the camera to use, hack it, and then hit the connect button.

After a few seconds, the app will link to the device. If the person you’re monitoring has switched on their device and has an internet connection, you will see their surrounding via its camera. Upon establishing a connection, hit the Get the Camera Feed button to receive the live streaming. Also, you can click the Live Audio button to listen to the device’s ambient sound.

Social Media Monitoring

TheOneSpy app makes it possible to monitor IM Logs of most social media platforms, including Instagram, WhatsApp, Tinder, Snapchat, Telegram, Hike, and Line. Using this tracker app, you can see your child, spouse, or employee’s conversation with a specific contact on any social media app. And the app stores the chats orderly, making them easier to read. Also, the app records audio messages on various platforms. Thus, you may listen to WhatsApp voice calls while tracking instant and social media messages.

Call Logs

This feature lets you see outgoing and incoming calls. It provides details of the received, dialed, and missed calls. Additionally, it reveals the contact number, name, call duration, and timestamp. The best part is that it also records calls while tracking their location. Thus, you will know the target person’s location when making or receiving the call.


The TheOneSpy dashboard has a section that lets you hack any component of a target phone remotely and access it by creating a bug. This feature enables you to hack the device’s camera and microphone, after which you can use them anytime.

For instance, you are able to access the microphone, record the ambient sound, and set the recording duration. The Mic Bug stores the audio record, meaning you download or listen to it on your phone or computer.

Similarly, you may record videos at your preferred intervals using the phone’s camera – access the video, download it, or play it on your device anytime.

TheOneSpy Password Chaser

This feature enables users to know the target device’s PIN Code for the screen lock. It allows you to track the password for unlocking the tracked phone.

Geo-Location Tracking

The location tracker is a feature that tracks the phone’s location with 100% accuracy. It provides the GPS location of the device, sharing the latitude and longitude value and the time when it was at a specific place.

Live Screen Recording

The TheOneSpy screen recording feature captures the live screen recordings regularly and syncs them to your online account. Using this feature, you will see what somebody does on their device, and they won’t know it.

SMS Monitoring

This spy app lets you monitor text messages, including received and sent texts.


This application can be used to monitor another person’s emails from your device.


The keylogger feature lets you track the keystroke somebody makes on their device. Also, you are able to spy on what they type on WhatsApp and message keystrokes, let alone other messengers and social media.


This app can be utilized to capture screenshots on your tracked device. Since you do this remotely, your child, spouse, or employer won’t notice.


Other features of TheOneSpy Android spyware include geofencing, app reports, network connections, and web filters. These let you track and control a mobile device remotely without detection.

TheOneSpy Review: Pricing

The TheOneSpy monitoring app has packages for various operating systems. Our TheOneSpy review would be complete without mentioning them. Here’s a price breakdown.

Android Packages

TOS XLite Edition$25$15$75
TOS Premium addition$43$31$125

iOS, Mac Packages

  • $55 for a monthly package
  • $105 for a 3-month package
  • $125 for a 6-month package

Windows Packages

  • $40 for a monthly package
  • $60 for a 3-month package
  • $80 for a 6-month package

Also, the TheOneSpy offer includes a 14-day money-back guarantee and discounts.

TheOneSpy Demo

While a complimentary trial of this spyware is unavailable, you can gain insight into its functionality through TheOneSpy’s free demo account. By accessing the demo, you’ll explore its features and analyze the results it can deliver, ensuring informed decision-making before purchase.

TheOneSpy Compatibility

TheOneSpy is compatible with iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows. However, it’s only compatible with Android 5 to Android 11. Rooting your Android device lets you benefit from extra features. It also works on all jailbroken iPhones.

How to Install TheOneSpy App?

Are you intrigued to learn how to install TheOneSpy application on the target cell phone? With this comprehensive guide, you’ll effortlessly install the TheOneSpy app in just a few minutes, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Account Setup

To get started with TheOneSpy app, you need to create an account on their website:

  1. Go to and click “View Plan & Pricing.”
Theonespy review
  1. Select an OS you want to monitor and tap “Buy Now.”
choose device
  1. Once you click the “Buy Now” button, the site will ask you to complete the online form requiring your billing information to proceed with payment.
billing information

How to Install TheOneSpy on Android?

To install the app on an Android cell phone, you’ll need to:

  1. Check your email for a personalized TheOneSpy account username, ID, activation code, and a detailed installation guide.
  2. Take the target Android phone you want to track.
  3. Open “Play Market,” tap on the profile picture, and choose “Play Protect.”
tap "Play Protect"
  1. Turn off app scanning.
off app scanning
  1. Open any browser and tap “” to acquire TheOneSpy app. To start the downloading process, you have to enter the activation code.
enter activation code
  1. Download the software on the target phone. 
  1. Open “File Manager” on the phone, and choose “Downloads” to install the app.
install the app
  1. Allow the spyware to run in the background.
let app always run in background
  1. Once the tool is launched, input the activation code and configure it per the prompts.
input the activation code

11. When everything is almost done, you can change the app icon and name.

change app icon
  1. Back to “Downloads” to clear your traces. 
  2. Take your phone to access your user TheOneSpy dashboard and start the phone monitoring.

TheOneSpy Review Conclusion

This review has shown that TheOneSpy serves most spying functions while catering to the needs of most parents, employers, and partners. It has pros and cons, like most spy apps. Therefore, trying it out is the best way to know whether it suits your spy needs.


Yes. TheOneSpy enables parents to monitor and protect their minors from online predators. It also lets employers track employees to ensure they do the right thing.

Rooting is not necessary for Android devices. However, TheOneSpy requires jailbreaking iPhones to function correctly.

Yes, TheOneSpy tracks iPhones as well. However, compared to its feature-rich capabilities on Android devices, the app’s functionality on iOS devices is somewhat limited.

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